Effort Venture

A young entrepreneur is passing through various stations of Effort Venture as follows:

  • Business plan
  • Start-up
  • Growth
  • Stabilisation
  • Pull-up
  • Take-over

Business plan

Depending on your needs we support you with preparation of the business plan, but independent of what progress has been made with your business idea/ project. We will not only provide you with a template, which you fill out. However, a concept paper should be prepared, which can also be implemented. If you haven’t any ideas or you don’t know how a business plan and/ or a finance plan should be prepared –  don't worry – that is part of our daily business. We support you to achieve your objectives smart and financially independent. Of course, we don’t see ourselves neither as a bank nor financial service provider.



You should make sure that you have all the relevant information to hand and that all the necessary decisions have been taken. Finally, you can focus on your core business. We will take the burden off your shoulders so that you can fully concentrate on your work, if required. We take care on administrative activities, supply customer accounts and support you in the sales process, etc.


Your product is successfully launched on the market and you post the first incoming payments. At this stage, we support you with all issues relating to the entrepreneurship covering all aspects of daily business such as decision-makings ‘Make or Buy’, outsourcing, personnel increase and machine procurement.



In order to avoid to be successful for a short time only, it is useful to make the right strategic decisions as early as possible. An entrepreneur mustn’t relax, even if the business idea is still unique, because the competition is also not sleeping.

Our maxim is: Never rest on the laurels, constantly question and challenge.

We support you to find a balance between continuous innovation and maintenance of your product. This phase concerns the transfer of the short-term to the mid-term business planning. In the meanwhile, you should know all the necessary parameters from your product and market.



Would you like to break out from your market? Are you looking for new markets in Asia, Africa or Eastern Europe? Do you plan to modify your product/ idea in order to facilitate the marketing?




Your business idea has been established. Do you feel secure to act independently on the market? Then we retreat and give you free rein.