Traditional, reliable and successful

Tradition meets innovation – Back to the future

We can look back on a long tradition with constant innovation. Since the 13th century our ancestors already dealt with Effort Venture.

  • In 1270 the castles "Unter- und Ober-Sansch" were in the ownership of the brothers Conrad und Otto Straif 
  • Land ownership from Grisons (canton of Switzerland) to St. Gallen
  • In the middle of the 15th century, short-term expropriation of the possessions by Earl Friederich VII
  • Reconqueror Peter Streiff von Diesbach born ~1480 is regarded as the progenitor of the Dynasty Streiff
  • Significantly involved in the industrial revolution (16th century)
  • Operation/ management of compulsory labours, production plants, mills
  • High positions in the civil service (in the 15th and 16th century), 
  • Between 1800 und 2000 several foundations were created (from culture to charitable purposes) 
  • Up to the 19th century numerous scholarships have been established to obtain a good education.

Since hundreds of years it is part of the tradition of the Dynasty Streiff to offer holistic support (not simply in financial terms).