Our success is based on the interaction between the promotion of the company structure and financial support. Our extensive industrial know-how enables us to achieve a targeted speed-up for sustainable growth of the companies.


We support you personally with passion, from the original idea through the concept to the successful implementation. We know that only together we are successful.


Our partnership is an expression of mutual give and take – a combination of shared joy and shared suffering.


We will share the risk and the success with the supporting companies and investors. Our holistic approach is based on trust and interaction in the spirit of partnership. We don’t mitigate the risk by sophisticated financial and business plans.


Furthermore, as a result of internationality currently we accompany and support projects in exciting markets such as Northern Africa and Romania. This gives investors the opportunity to invest in moving markets of the future.


The objective of our work in this area is to build up a good and close collaboration with investors who provide venture capital (VC) starting from CHF 50'000.



So erreichen Sie uns:

Lukas Streiff

+41 79 678 37 16