Lessons Learned

Preparation of a business plan – but with the right know-how

There is a growing interest on behalf of start-up centres throughout Europe that addressing the help of young entrepreneurs. As a rule, the young entrepreneurs should present a convincing business plan. From that point there's nothing stopping to settle in a start-up centre. 


As a matter of fact, too many young entrepreneurs fall between the chair and bench. The crunch is also part of the business plan, which is not a simple issue, especially when to formulate the business idea in figures and processes. It isn’t sufficient to copy/ paste a business plan or with help of two hours consulting to get it ready for presentation.


Start a business – from the idea to the development

Our modern society, especially the young people, is accustomed to reach a result as quickly as possible. Finally, everything which takes longer than immediately is perceived as complex and cumbersome. Furthermore, the basis for building a solid business can’t be designed online, even such websites are existing. To start up a business means to be willing to go a long and challenging path ahead, but rather only an entry in the commercial register.


It is particularly in the processes where knowhow is of the utmost importance for the sparkling business idea. By young entrepreneurs the processes aren’t sufficiently mature which should be existing for the business plan. It appears quite different if experienced entrepreneurs which have already founded successful businesses. Of course, we welcome them on the other side, i.e. on the part of investors.

Our focus is on a reasonable and economical business plan at the very beginning. However, based on our experiences it can be concluded that beautiful words, nice pictures and perfect presentations will not be sufficient in the long term.


What it means to be an entrepreneur

To earn money is part of the entrepreneurship. But those who are dreaming of a lot of money, are often losing the overview.

To be an entrepreneur means to be willing to tighten their belts and to work harder. Many things can be attained through a corresponding attitude and mentality. Apart from that, no investor is interested in providing money to make possible a better life for a young entrepreneur. As a rule, to start a business is that the smaller the financial need at the beginning, the more independent from mercenary investors.


Our strength – the quintessence

Our Effort Venture isn’t primarily a mediation of financial resources, but we are focused in the transfer of know-how and experience. We know from our own experience that the faster you become independent, the more fun you will have with your business activities – instead of sharing the hard-earned money with the investors for many years. 

"Humor und Geduld sind zwei Kamele, mit denen du durch jede Wüste kommst."