Portfolio "Effort Venture"


We offer everything you need around the workplace. Let us take care of all administrative work like SVA, BVG or other necessities so that you will have more time to spend on the important things.


Keep your head clear for your project - leave the rest to us!


This approach is also suitable for time-critical projects to bridge the starting phase.


You are free to decide which services we do provide for you.

Effort venture

We offer you a range of customised services. It is up to you to determine which of our services you wish to use for your individual needs.


Effort Venture Stages:

  • Seed
  • Start-up
  • Growth
  • Expansion
  • Replacement & buyout 


We don’t see our role primarily as a traditional financier, instead we advise and support your business in the scope of license agreements.

Are there any further questions that still need to be clarified? Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are uncomplicated.